Setting Up Classes

The Classes Add-on for iThemes Exchange allows you to sell classes and offer trials to your students. Classes comes with a day-by-day Roster and Email Tool to let you easily contact your students.

Initial Setup

To setup the add-on, you'll want to visit the Exchange Add-ons submenu, and press on the gear icon next to the Classes Add-on.

 From here you will want to enter your license key in the License Key textfield. Aside from the license key, Classes comes with smart defaults and is ready to go. If you'd like, you can customize various messages that are used throughout the plugin.


Additionally you can configure the global number of trials. This setting can be used to limit the total number of times a student can signup for a trial regardless of class. For example, if you are selling classes that are all same but just take place at different times, you wouldn't want for a prospective student to trial at all of those classes. So you would set this value to 1 which would only allow for a student to signup for a trial once. You can leave this field blank, to let a student sign up for trials across unlimited classes.


To turn on waitlisting, check the Enable Waitlisting checkbox. This will reveal three additional settings. Classes provides a default email notification to be used whenever prospective students are notified about new seats being available. Notifications can be sent manually from the Waitlists tab, but also automatically whenever a student is either disenrolled or you add additional seats from the product edit screen.

Creating a Class

Classes registers another Product Type, alongside Digital Downloads and Physical Products. To create a new class, click the Add Class link under the Exchange menu. If Classes is the only product type you have enabled, you should press the Add Product link.

Class Dates

After setting up your class name, price and description, you'll want to begin adding dates to your class.

In the Class Dates section ( underneath Description ), you'll be able to add dates to your class. Don't worry about the order you add the dates, Classes will automatically sort them when you save your product.

For each date you will want to set the meeting date, and meeting time. If you don't see the time your class meets in the dropdown, that means you've set your Close Time too early – it defaults to 7:00 pm. You can change this time on the Add-on's settings page ( see the previous section ).

Then select a Date Type. The date type can be either Open, Cancelled, or Makeup. You should use the type cancelled if you aren't meeting due to a holiday, or some other conflict, when you usually would. You can optionally use the Makeup type to signify that that particular date is a makeup class.

Finally, check the Trial checkbox if you want users to signup for a trial on this date. For your class it might make sense to only offer a trial on the first few days, because the student would be too far behind after a certain date.

Class Details

After you've added all of your class dates, you'll want to configure some additional settings for your brand new class.


Classes adds a new Product Feature to the Advanced section of the product page. First you'll want to set a Capacity limit for your class so things don't get too hectic. Then, if you are offering trials for this class, set the Trial Price students must pay to signup for a trial. You can make the trial free by setting the price to $0.00. Finally set the Number of Trials a student can signup for. You can disable trials completely by setting Number of Trials to 0.


It is highly suggested that you setup product Availability as well to prevent your students from signing up for a class after it has ended, or before it has started. You can read more about Availability at the iThemes Codex.

Class Instructors

Version 1.3 of Classes added support for Class Instructors. Instructors are regular WordPress users with a role of Class Instructor. Instructors have a limited set of capabilities. An instructor can view class rosters and mark attendance, but they can't email classes or access the waitlist.

Start Selling

That's it, you're ready to start selling your classes to the world!

When you are ready you can start to learn about emailing your class, utilizing the class roster and managing your students

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