Emailing your Class

Classes for iThemes Exchange comes with a built in email tool to let you easily send personalized emails to your students.

You can access the email tool by clicking on the Classes link under Exchange and then clicking the Email tab at the top of the screen.

First, select the Class you'd like to email. The email will go to all people who are enrolled in the class. This means that trial students won't be emailed.

Next you should fill out the subject line of your email. You can use email shortcodes in the subject line as well as the main email content.

Finally, write your email! Classes comes with a variety of email shortcodes you can use in your email. To use one, press the Insert Email Shortcode button.

Then just select the shortcode you'd like to use and press Insert Shortcode.

When you're finished writing your email, just press Send Email. At this point, Classes will send out the email to all of the classes enrolled students one-by-one. It is highly recommended that you use a service like Mandrill and their WordPress plugin to send email.

Email Shortcodes

  • User – First Name — The student's first name.
  • User – Last Name — The student's last name.
  • User – Email — The student's email address.
  • User – Username — The student's username on your website.
  • Class – Title — The title of the class.
  • Class – Description — The short description field of your class.
  • Class – Capacity — The capacity you've set for this class.
  • Class – Remaining Seats — The number of seats the class still has available.
  • Class – Start Date — The start date of the class.
  • Class – End Date — The end date of the class.
  • Class – Dates List —  A list of days that the class meets and their type.
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