Viewing and Editing Commissions

Commissions add a new submenu, Commissions, to the Exchange admin menu which displays a list of all of the commission records for your store.

Commissions List

On the commissions list page, you can view and filter all of your store's commissions. You can use the All dates dropdown to view commissions record from a particular month. Additionally, you can use the All Merchants dropdown to only view commissions from a particular merchant. To view your changes press the Filter button.

From left to right, you can view a Commission's Order – this is the order number that initially generated this commission, MerchantProductEarnedStatus and Date. Commissions can have a status of either PaidUnpaid, Pending, or Revoked. Revoked commissions are commissions which have either been revoked manually, or because of a refund of the original order. Pending commissions are commissions whose payout has been initiated, but haven't yet completed.

Commissions can be paid out from the list page using the bulk actions tool. Simply check the boxes of the commissions you'd like to payout, select Pay Out from the Bulk Actions dropdown, and press Apply.

Commission Details

Each commission has its own details page. This shows the commission number, creation date, and status in the top right corner. Moving down the page you can see the commission's product, the amount earned, and the payment method of the transaction. Additionally, the commission rate is recorded. This is the rate when the commission was paid out, so if a merchant's rate is changed, you will always have record of their rate in the past.

You can update a commission's status using the Alter Commission Status dropdown. This is a manual transition, so changing a commissions status to Paid will not payout the commission. To payout a commission, use the Pay Out button visible when a commission is in the Unpaid status.

If you change the commission's status to Revoked you will be presented with a textfield to enter a revocation reason. This will be recorded in a new section after the commission product.

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