Using the Class Roster

Classes for iThemes Exchange comes with a complete class roster system built in. To access the Roster, click the Classes link underneath the Exchange menu.

The Class Roster is managed on a day-to-day basis so you always know who is coming to class on any day – even if they are a trial student. Once on the Classes page you will want to Choose a Class to see the roster for, and then Choose a Day.

Now you are viewing the class roster. From left to right you can see the student's IDFirst NameLast Name and Status. The status column will let you know if the student is fully enrolled, enrolled by their transaction has not yet been cleared for delivery – for example if you are using Offline Payments, or if the student is trialing the class.

If you hover over any student you'll see two links. Edit to edit the student's WordPress profile, and View to view and manage the student's classes.

Learn more about managing a student's classes in the Managing Students section.

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