Managing Students

Classes for iThemes Exchange gives you an easy way to view all of your students, and enroll or disenroll a student from your classes.

You can view all of your students by clicking on the Students link under the Users menu. From left to right you can view a student's IDFirst NameLast NameEmail, and Current ClassesCurrent Classes is a list of all of the classes a student is currently enrolled in. i.e., all of the classes that have started, but haven't yet ended.

If you hover over any student you'll see two links. Edit to edit the student's WordPress profile, and View to view and manage the student's classes.

Each student has their own Classes tab in their Customer Data section. This page can be accessed by pressing the View link underneath the student's name.

From here you can view all of the classes the student is enrolled in. If you'd like, you can press the Disenroll button to remove them from that class. You will also see all of the Trial Classes they've signed up for.

Additionally, you can manually enroll a student in any class they aren't already enrolled in. If the class you are trying to enroll the student in is full, you'll be presented with an alert and you won't be able to enroll the student.

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