Setting up Commissions

The Commissions Add-on for iThemes Exchange let's you easily run a multi-vendor eCommerce store. Any Exchange Product can be setup to use commissions via a new Product Feature in the Advanced Section. When an order is placed, commissions are created for each merchant which can be paid out manually, automatically, or according to your preset schedule.

Initial Setup

To setup the add-on, you'll want to visit the Exchange Add-ons submenu and press on the gear icon next to the Commissions Add-on.


From here you will want to enter your license key in the License Key textfield to activate your add-on for automatic updates.

Calculating Commission Amount

Commissions offers fine grained control for how commission amounts are determined. You have the option to calculate commissions after taxes and/or after discounts. You will want to consult a tax expert to determine the best options for your business.

Payout Methods

Commissions comes with support for both PayPal Standard Secure and Stripe. Commissions uses the configuration options from the Exchange add-ons. So, you must make sure that you configure the PayPal Standard Secure core add-on if you wish to use PayPal and iThemes's Stripe Exchange add-on if you wish to use Stripe.

Commissions can work with just one Payout method, or multiple. If you wish to use multiple Payout methods at a time, each merchant will have their own payout method.

Commissions is built to be able to support additional payout methods. If you are interested in having one custom built for you, contact us.

Scheduling Payouts

Commissions can be paid out in a variety of ways.

For complete control, set commissions to be paid out manually. In this case, you will have to payout commissions either individually or en masse from the Commissions menu under Exchange.

Alternatively, you can set Commissions to payout instantly after a transaction is cleared for delivery. This option isn't recommended if you are offering refunds.

Finally, you can set commissions to be paid out based on a schedule. Selecting this option reveals an additional field, to specify the interval commissions should be paid out in. For example, if you specify 30 days, than every 30 days, commissions which are more than 30 days old will be paid out.

Regardless of which payout schedule is selected, a commission can be paid out manually at any time.

Adding Commissions to a Product

Commissions adds a new Product Feature to the Advanced section of the product page called Commissions.


To begin setting up commissions, check the Enable Commissions for this product checkbox. This will reveal a form which you can use to add unlimited merchants to your product. To begin, you'll want to select a merchant from the Select a user dropdown and press the Add Merchant button. From there you can set and adjust the merchant's percentage rate and watch the dollar amount change in real time.

To remove a merchant from the product, simply press the (x) next to each merchant's row.

Start Selling

That's it. Commissions is all setup, and you are ready to start selling your own products, and your merchants.

When you are ready, you can start learning about managing your merchants, viewing & editing commissions, and using the provided front-end shortcodes.

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