Managing Merchants

A merchant can be any regular 'ol user in WordPress. To get the merchant ready for receiving commissions, you'll want to configure their payout information.

Payout Method


You can switch the merchant's payout method via the How would you like to be paid dropdown. The payout method choice is automatically saved whenever a new value is selected. This will seamlessly present the necessary payout method form.

This is the form for Stripe. Pressing save will add a card to the merchant's profile. Stripe can only payout to a Debit Card not a Credit Card.

The PayPal form requires only the merchant's PayPal email address.


Commissions gives you two easy ways to see a merchant's earnings. A graph is provided to view a merchant's earnings over time. You can view a different date range by selecting a new Report Type.

Additionally, you can quickly view a merchant's earnings for this year, last year and all time.

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