Setting Up Gravity Forms Checkout Pro

The Gravity Forms Checkout Pro add-on for iThemes Exchange gives you the ability to create custom purchase forms for your Exchange products. Additionally, you can override the Exchange registration form when combined with the User Registration add-on.

Initial Setup

To setup the add-on, you'll want to visit the Exchange Add-ons submenu, and press on the gear icon next to the Gravity Forms Add-on.

From here you will want to enter your license key in the License Key textfield. Aside from the license key, Gravity Forms Checkout Pro comes with smart defaults and is ready to go. But there are a couple of options you should pay attention to.


By default, Gravity Forms Checkout Pro gives itself the label of Gravity Forms. This is used primarily on the Payments screen in the Payment Method areas. This can be overwritten to any value you'd like.

Redirect to Confirmation

Gravity Forms has multiple confirmation types: TextPageRedirect. If you'd like, you can use the Gravity Forms confirmation settings by unchecking the Redirect to Confirmation checkbox. When Redirect to Confirmation is enabled, the customer will be automatically redirected to the iThemes Exchange confirmation page when they complete their purchase.

Override Registration Form

Gravity Forms Checkout Pro let's you set a custom Gravity Form to be used for registration, in place of the Exchange default. This requires the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on to convert the form into a registration. You'll want to read the documentation for the User Registration Add-on before proceeding. After you've created your registration form, simply select it in the Override Registration Form dropdown and all of the Exchange registration forms will be automatically replaced with your custom one.

Start Selling

That's it. Gravity Forms Checkout Pro is all setup, and you are ready to start building your custom purchase forms.

When you are ready, you can learn more about creating a custom purchase form.

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