Purchasing and Managing an Umbrella Membership

Purchasing an Umbrella Membership is the same as purchasing any other Exchange product. The only important thing to remember is to set the purchase quantity. If only one membership is purchased, then the membership won't be treated as an umbrella membership for that customer.

After the membership product is purchased, navigate to the membership dashboard. This can be done by either going to your Exchange account area, or clicking the View available content link in the purchase confirmation.

The membership dashboard will display the:

  • Membership welcome message, if any
  • The number of seats taken, and the number of seats purchased
  • A dropdown list of the group members
  • And a list of the membership content accessible via this membership

Clicking the downward facing triangle next to the Members heading will reveal the members list. This is where the group leader can add and remove members from their membership. By default, the list is paginated every 20 members. For the purposes of this demo we've overwritten that value to every 5 members. This can be done via the itegms_membership_dashboard_members_list_per_page filter. The list is cycled through by pressing the button corresponding to the desired page's number. This is done in Javascript, and doesn't require reloading the entire page.

To add a member, simply input their name and email address in the first available field. More than one member can be added at a time, across any number of pages. Pressing the Save Members button is required.

If this is a new email address, the member's name will become their username on the website, and they will have a password emailed to them. If a user already exists with that name, the plugin will automatically append a number to their username until a unique username is found.

If the email address already exists in the system, the member will be sent an invitation email, and the name provided by the group leader will not overwrite the existing user's name.

Removing a memer is as simple as pressing the x icon next to their name. This will remove their name and email address from the list. Don't worry about messing up the order, Umbrella Memberships will reorganize the list automatically when the list is saved. Again, pressing the Save Members button is required.

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions about Umbrella Memberships, check out our FAQ page, or contact our support team at support@ironbounddesigns.com

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