Managing License Keys

License keys are how your customers authorize themselves to use your products. Whenever a product is purchased, a license key is generated according to the key type you configured.

License List

All of the license keys your customers have purchased, as well as keys generated manually or via WP CLI, appear on this screen. The Screen Options tab can be used to customize the display of this screen.


You can narrow the list by status using the text links at the top of the screen. You can also filter the list to only show keys for a certain product. Only products that have licensing enabled will show up on this list.

The search box lets you look for all licenses associated with a certain customer. You can search by their username, display name, or email address. Searching with the full license key will redirect you to the license details view.

If you have the Manual Purchases add-on enabled, you can manually create a new license key using the Add Newbutton.


To view more details about the license key, click the View link.

To delete a license key, click the Delete link that appears when hovering over a license key, or check the bulk actions checkbox and select the Delete bulk action.

By clicking the Extend link you can increase the key’s expiration date. For example, if after purchasing a product a key is valid for one year, then clicking the Extend link will increase the expiration date by an additional year.

Using the Increase and Decrease links you can change the maximum number of activations available to the key.

Licenses can be deleted or extended in bulk by selecting the checkbox next to each license key, and selecting the bulk action you'd like to perform from the bulk actions dropdown.

License Detail

Every license key has its own detail page which displays additional information about a license key and lets you modify certain fields.


The Manage License screen displays detailed information about a license key. Across the top of the screen is the customer’s name and the title of the purchased product. Below that is the full license key. In the top right hand corner, the key’s status is represented by a color. Hovering over the color reveals the textual description of the status.

A license can either be activedisabled or expired. A disabled license is restricted from being used for automatic updates. A license is automatically set to disabled when a transaction is refunded or voided. When the expiration date is passed, the key’s status will be set to expired.

The expiration date of the license is listed in the Expires section. If this is a lifetime license, the expiration date will show as Never. Next, a link to the transaction that generated this key is displayed. Followed by the max activations this key is allowed.

All of this license key’s activations are displayed in a table in the Activations section. This list includes both the active and deactivated installs. The activation will show the date it was activated, and if applicable, its deactivation date. Lastly, the currently installed version is displayed. This value is updated whenever the software contacts the API.

You can manually create an activation record by entering the location URL and clicking the Activate button.

Lastly, if the license key has been renewed at least once, the renewal history will be displayed: a list of renewal dates and links to the renewal transactions.


Most fields throughout the Licensing add-on can be modified by clicking on the field, entering your new value, and pressing enter to save.


A license key’s status can be edited by hovering over the color in the top right corner, and clicking on the status label. This will prompt you to select the new status. When this new value is selected, the value will automatically be saved.

To edit the expiration date of a license, click on the expiration date. This will generate a date picker to select the new expiration date. To save this value, press the enter or return key on your keyboard. To cancel the changes, press the escape key.

The max activations available to a license can be changed by clicking on the activation limit number. To give the license unlimited activation, leave the input empty. Again to save, press the enter or return key on your keyboard.

You can manually deactivate an activation record by clicking on the deactivate link. If desired, the x can be pressed to completely remove the activation record from the database.

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