Manually Creating a License Key

Licenses can be manually created by using the Add New License form. To begin, press the Add New button on the licenses list page. You will need the Manual Purchases add-on installed in order to even see the Add New button. Creating a license key in this manner will create a Manual Purchases transaction and generate the new license key.

To begin a product should be selected. Next the customer should be chosen. This can either be an existing customer, or a new customer. When creating a new customer, the user will automatically receive the WordPress new user email with a link to set her password.

The activation limit and expiration date can both be set as well. If left blank, the key will have an unlimited number of activations and a lifetime expiration date.

If necessary, the license key can be manually set by clicking the Set the license key manually link. Otherwise, the key will be automatically generated based on the key type specified in Exchange.

Lastly, the amount the customer paid can be set. This will become the Total in the new transaction. If the customer didn’t pay anything for this license, it is important to set the amount paid to $0.00. Otherwise the revenue statistics will be inaccurate.

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