Changing the Number of Seats in an Umbrella Membership

Umbrella Memberships provides two ways to adjust the number of seats a customer has available to them, and we are working on a third.

Let's say your customer has purchased a membership with ten seats for their ten team members. Recently, they've added four new members to their team, and they'd like to add them to their umbrella membership. They can accomplish this goal in two ways.

  1. Purchase another membership plan with four seats. They will still be able to manage all fourteen of their seats from one interface.
  2. Purchase a new larger membership plan with all fourteen seats, and then cancel their existing plan. A user can cancel their membership by clicking on the Cancel this subscription link on their Account purchases page. When the existing membership is cancelled, all of the members will be transferred over to the new membership in the background.

We are working on adding support for members to be able to purchase additional seats, and have it tacked onto their existing membership plan as a prorated charge. Support for this will initially be limited to the Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.

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