Setting up Licensing

The Licensing add-on for iThemes Exchange allows you to sell and manage license keys for your software. In this article we'll take a look at setting up Licensing.

Initial Setup

To setup the add-on, you'll want to visit the Exchange Add-ons submenu, and press on the gear icon next to the Licensing add-on.

Here, you should enter your license key in the license text field. A license key is required to make sure you always have the latest and greatest version of Licensing installed.

General Settings

The setting to pay attention to here is Online Software Tools. You should enable the option if you are selling WordPress plugins or themes or any other product that customers install on a website. This setting is a prerequisite for enabling Remote License Activation.

Renewal Discounts

Use these settings to offer your customers a discounted renewal price. These settings are global and can be overridden or disabled per-product. The discount can be either a percentage discount or a flat discount.

The Valid Until setting determines for how long a customer will receive their renewal discount after their license key has expired.

Recommended Plugins

Licensing integrates with a number of iThemes Exchange add-ons and other plugins to handle certain features.

  1. Recurring Payments. The Recurring Payments add-on allows you to limit the length of a license. It also allows you configure the license to auto-renew.

  2. Variants. The Product Variants add-on allows you to offer different activation limits depending on the type of license purchased. For example: individual, developer and unlimited license types.

  3. Stripe. The Stripe add-on is the easiest way to accept payments for your products. However, all payment gateways should work.

  4. Manual Purchases. The Manual Purchases add-on allows you to manually create license keys if needed.

  5. wpMandrill. Licensing sends renewal reminders to your customers when their license key is about to expire. Additionally, emails can be sent to customers who have not yet updated to the latest version of your products. By installing the wpMandrill plugin, these notifications will be automatically sent out using Mandrill's HTTP API instead of wp_mail(). This should significantly improve the speed notifications are sent at.

Additional Help

You can find additional documentation in our help center. Remember to always check the Help tab on the top of all admin pages. They all have helpful tips related to the current page you are on.

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