Renewal Reminders


Renewal reminders are sent to your customers whenever their license keys are approaching their expiration date. You can create as many renewal reminders as needed. However, as the number of reminders is increase there is a performance impact. It is recommended to have no more than ten reminders.

Creating a renewal reminder is similar to creating a WordPress post. The title is used as the subject line, and the post content is used as the message body. The message can be customized using the Insert Template Tag button. Use the Scheduling metabox to control when the reminder is sent out.

Template Tags

Template tags can be used by pressing the Insert Template Tag button, selecting a tag, and pressing Insert. If the tag did not appear, try first clicking inside the editor and repeating the previous steps.

  • {full_customer_name} will print the customer's first and last name.
  • {customer_first_name} will print only the customer's first name.
  • {customer_last_name} will print only the customer's last name.
  • {customer_email} will print the email address associated with the customer's account.
  • {store_name} will print the name of your store as configured in iThemes Exchange's General Settings.
  • {key} will print the license key
  • {key_expiry_date} will print the date that the license key expires, formatted according to the date format configured in WordPress' General Settings.
  • {key_days_from_expiry} will print how many days are left until the license key expires.
  • {product_name} will print the name of the license key's associated product.
  • {transaction_order_number} will print the order number the license key was purchased in. This is already formatted by Exchange like so, #0001234
  • {renewal_link} will print the actual URL the customer can visit to renew their license key. This will not print an a tag.
  • {discount_amount} will print the formatted discount. For example, 25% or $30.
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